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About Me


About Doug...

Growing up in Niagara Falls I learned to love being the underdog. This means I don't mind taking on a challenge, just like my father Carl who was an attorney, or my mother Kathy who was a school teacher. 


I am known as a trusted advisor working in the complex world of healthcare and also a determined community volunteer, leading fundraising efforts at both Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center and the Niagara Falls Boys & Girls Club. 


As a result, I was presented the Emerging Leader Alumni Award by the Niagara Falls Education Foundation, the Volunteer of the Year Award by the Boys and Girls Club and also named to the prestigious Buffalo Business First 40 Under 40 list.      

I am...

An independent thinker who will listen to the best ideas.
A respected business leader, not a career politician.
A proud father, devoted husband, volunteer coach, and loyal friend.

My positive outlook is known to be contagious and I firmly believe that it is time for our district to have a new voice going forward in Albany. That's because in elections, just like in business, competition is a good thing. Having someone run unopposed for almost 6 years and giving voters no choice on election day hurts our district. 

Our system isn't always perfect, but it is perfectly clear that the 145th District needs to be part of the conversation going forward in Albany. As your Assemblyman, I will make sure that we have a seat at the table and an opportunity to secure the much needed resources we so often miss out on. 


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